Rules & Regulations

EVERY MONTH UMRA package of 15 DAYS ( Includes Stay at MAKKAH, MADINA, Local Ziyarath of Both Cities, Local Transportation JEDDAH, MAKKAH, MADINA, Accommodation, 3 Times Delicious Food, Airfare, Muallim Fee, Laundry Etc..,

RAMZAN UMRA Packages of Full Month, First 15 days, Last 18 Days ( Includes Stay at MAKKAH, MADINA, Local Ziyarath of Both Cities, Local Transportation JEDDAH, MAKKAH, MADINA, Accommodation, Food ( Sehri & Iftar ), Airfare, Muallim Fee, Laundry Etc..,

  • 1. UMRAH REQUIREMENTS:A. Original PassportB. 5 Photos for Umrah (Colour Photos with White Background, Size: 4 x 6 cm)
  • 2. EXTRA – ORDINARY INCREASE IN TOURS FARE:We very much regret to inform our Hajis that due to unavoidable circumstances we are forced to increased the rates for all kinds of tickets relating to our proposed packages. The main reasons for this inevitable increase is:-A. The downfall of Indian Rupees against major world currency in International monetary market and due to this reason US$ dollar is getting costly day by day.B. Increase in AirfareC. The upward trend in rents in MAKKAH and MADINA in newly constructed buildings with modern facilities.D. The Huge increase in the prices of edibles in Saudi-Arabia The reason for this is said to be the withdrawal of subsidies from these things by the Saudi Arabian government in their New Year budget.E. Increase in the prices of all those edibles and spices that are taken from India to Saudi Arabia for exclusive use of our pilgrims in duration of their pilgrimage.F. Increase in Visa Fee etc., keeping in view merely the existing AIRFARES and the foreign exchange rate and all those compulsory dues levied by the Saudi government for HAJ. In this case, there is some upward revision of any kind in the existing airfare, exchange rates & the compulsory dues before the actual commencement of the tours, all the pilgrims must pay to us the difference before their departure from India for the pilgrimage.
  • 3. PLACES TO BE VISITED DURING THE TOURS:The intending pilgrims will visit all the Ziyaraths and the following places as mentioned below in each city during the tour.A. Tourist buses will take all the pilgrims to the nearest places of ziaraths and historical places. But those shrines and other places of tourist and historical importance which are situated on a hill top or in a desert area, pilgrims will reach those places by foot.
  • 4. SAUDI ARABIA ( FOR ALL TOURS PILGRIMS ):A. MAKKAH-E-MOAZZAMA:Masjid-Ul-Haram,Safa & Marwah hills, Masjid-E-Bilal,Ghaer-E-Hira,Ghaer-E-Soor,Jabal-E-Rahmat & Masjid-E-Nimraah (Arafat), Masjid-E-Masharul Haram (Muzdalifah), Masjid-E-Kaif & Jamarat Ziarat(Mina), Zamzam Well,Multazim,Hateem, Muqam-E-Ibrahim,Hajar-E-Aswad,Tomb of Hazrat Bibi Khadija-Tul-Kubra (R.A), Hazrath Amina Bint-E-Wahab (R.A) and other ziaraths in MAKKAH is graveyard Jannat-Ul-Malla & Masjid-E-Tanneem (Hazrat Bibi Ayesha,R.A).B. MADINA-E-MUNAWARAH :Masjid-E-Nabawi, Hujra-E-Aisha where Prophet Hazrath Mohammed (S.A.W), Amir-Ul-Momineen Hazrat Abubacker Siddique (R.A), Amir-Ul-Momineen Hazrat Umar Bin Khattab (R.A), rest in peace. Gumbad-E-Khizara,Roaza-E-Riyaz-Ul-Jannah, Mimber and Mehrab-E-Nabawi (S.A.W).C. ZIARATHS OUTSKIRTS OF MADINA-E-MUNAWARAH :

    Jabal-E-Uhud, Ziarath of Hazrat Hamza (R.A) Uncle’s of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W), Bibi Fatima (Daughter of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W), Hazrat Abdulla, Hazrat Abdulla Bin Mutalib (R.A), Hazrat Aquil Bin Talib (R.A),Hazrat Fatima Binte Asad (R.A), Hazrat Usman Bin Matoon (R.A),Hazrat Sufian Bin Haris (R.A), Hazrat Abl Sayood Al-Noori (R.A), Wives & Son of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W), and Thousand of Ashab and companions of the Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (S.A.W) Graveyard of Madina Jannat-Ul-Baqi, Masjid-E-Juma, Masjid-E-Gamama, Masjid-E-Qiblatain, Saaba Masjid, etc. Nowadays Jannat-Ul-Maala is open for pilgrims 1 hour in Morning & 2 hours in evening, Ladies cannot enter this graveyard.

  • 5. SPECIAL CONCESSION SCHEME :Any person who will book his/her seat in any of our tour on or before 6 months of the tour the company will get him Rs.1,000/- (One Thousand) as a special concession in the ticket cost of the tour of his choice. So if anybody wishes to avail this concession he/she application should reach in our head office on or before 6 months of the tour. Those who will pay the full cost of the tour at a time on or before 6 months they will be granted the special concession of Rs.2,000/- (Two Thousand) in the tour cost.
  • 6. VALUABLES :Pilgrims are advised in their own interest not to carry Jewellery, Video camera & other valuables while proceeding on tour.
  • 7. TRAVEL CONDITIONS :All the participants in this tour will have to travel together through the journey. No participant will be allowed to leave the tour after entering in Saudi Arabia under any circumstances and he/she bound to travel with the group and return back to India with the group after completion of the tour.
  • 8. MEMBERSHIP :The right is reserved to decline, accept or retain any person as a member of these tours at any time and without being obliged to give an explanation for the decision.A. IMPORTANT NOTICE :Tours timings and itineraries are subject to change and consequently may be revised at any time, before or during the tour with or without notice.B. The fare quoted is based on the present fares and rates quoted by Airlines companies, Transport Companies, Saudi Government UMRAH dues, and other involved in organizing these tours as well as upon the present rate of foreign exchange. Therefore if there is any increase in the cost of operation of these tours however caused, the participants undertake to pay the difference in excess of fares quoted.C. Sultan Tour & Travels accepts no responsibility for Losses, Additional Expenses due to Delay or Changes, Missed connections, Sickness, Weather, Strike, War, Quarantine, Breakdown of transport or other causes however caused and all such losses and expenses must be borne by the participants.D. Sultan Tour & Travels gives notice to the arrangements that are made by them in their capacity as agent only and to the best of their ability as agents for and in the interest of the participants. Sultan Tour & Travels cannot, therefore, accept liability for any losses injuries, damages, delay or irregularities, accident howsoever caused by joining these tours the pilgrims undertake to absolve Sultan Tour & Travels from all legal claims.E. These tours are conducted subject to the conditions and regulations referred to in the timetable book, bills and notice of companies and proprietors on whose Aircraft and coaches the pilgrims will travel and the holder accepting a tour ticket agrees that the firm, companies, and proprietors are not to be liable for any loss, damage, injury, delay or detention caused and the liabilities for companies and proprietors are limited to their own flights and coaches.F. Tours proceeding out of India or subject to the rules and regulations of the Reserve Bank of India & will operate as per prevailing regulations and permissions granted for operation of such tours under the foreign travel scheme.
  • 9. RESTRICTIONS :A. Persons suffering from the following diseases will not be accepted in any of our conducted tours.I) Cerebral ThrombosisII) Pulmonary TuberculosisIII) Congestive Cardiac Failure

    IV) Leprosy Infection

    V) Acute Coronary Insufficiency and other serious infectious diseases and disabilities

    VI) Heart Trouble, Low & High Blood Pressure.

    B. Ladies in advanced stages of pregnancy of five months at the time of embarkation will not be accepted in these tours.Very aged persons or those who are unable to bear the strain of long journey cannot join our tours and we advise them to not book their seats in our conducted tours.

  • 10. EXISTING RESERVE BANK OF INDIA REGULATIONS :Participants can get any foreign currency amount by bank draft in their name payable at JEDDAH/MAKKAH or MADINA from their relatives or friends residing abroad for their personal use. You can carry such drafts with you officially. Please take a note that to carry the Indian Currency is Strictly banned.
  • 11. RESTRICTION ON CARRYING FOOD ARTICLES :Under the very strict Saudi Arabian Government order, no pilgrim can carry with him/her any kind of cooked and sweet food stuff. In case any such food stuff is found in pilgrims baggage at Jeddah Airport, That will be destroyed by Saudi Customs authorities.
  • 12. FREE MEDICAL AID DURING THE TOURS :Sultan Tour & Travels will appoint a medical officer to the tour who will be accompanied with the pilgrims during the whole tour to look after the health of the pilgrims. ( Those who are using patient medicines will not be given such medicines from corporation dispensary. They have to purchase such medicines at their own cost ).
  • 13. YOUR BELONGING DURING THE TOUR :These tours will be organized during the Summer Season, Saudi Arabia will be hot in these days, participants are there fore requested to carry with them light summer clothing. ( In other season carry the clothing according to the season ) It is compulsory for all the participants to carry with them as their luggage one suit case less than 30 inches in length, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, medicines and other daily use articles, and weight should not exceed 20kgs per adult Participant name must be written in English / Urdu in capital letters on Suitcase / Kitbag. It is compulsory to carry less luggage and have more comfort while touring.

    Pilgrims cannot carry any gunny bag, steel trunk or bucket or empty Zamzam water cans or any types of commercial luggage, In these tour restricted articles I.e. political literature, Gold, Silver, Antiques, Charas, Opium, Hashish, Brown Sugar, Snake Skins, Films, Fire Arms, Explosives cannot be carried I these tours, Carrying drugs is a crime in Saudi Arabia, for which death penalty in the sentence. All kinds of cooking material such as Stove, Kerosene Oil, Atta, Ghee, Achar and other Oily food and Sweet food are not permitted to carry in these tours.In case any participant dies in Saudi Arabia, Sultan Tours & Travels will not refund any amount in any case, which may kindly be noted very carefully. All the burial charges of the deceased will be paid by Sultan Tours & Travels, We shall not charge these expenses from the nominee of the deceased.WARNING:-We advice all the pilgrims not to use exposed food during the tour, it will be harmful to your health. Always use fresh food simple food and drink as much water as you can during summer and use salt in water.NOTICE:- Please take a note that these tours are nothing to do with MUMBAI HAJ COMMITTEE or ANY OTHER STATE HAJ COMMITTEE, NEITHER HAJ COMMITTEE nor STATE HAJ COMMITTEE rules are applied on our tours. So many people understand that these tours are connected with HAJ COMMITTEE. It may kindly be noted very carefully that these tours are independently organized by Sultan Tour & Travels on their own terms and condition and not under State Hajj Committee rules.These are the major terms & conditions of the tours If you agree with these terms & conditions and can abide them, We advise you to book your seat of any early date. In case you are not holding the valid International Passport. Sultan Tour & Travels will assist you in getting the Passport or you can apply for your Passport either directly to the regional passport office of your region or can take the help of our special representatives or can apply the same through your local Agent. For any other information or any other clarification you can contact us or contact any of our Special Representatives of Sultan Tour & Travels for seat Reservation, Passport assistance etc.. We are at your service